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My family calls me a "foodie" but who doesn't like good food! It's one of the simple pleasures of life and I see food as a treat yo'self opportunity. I don't like to just eat good but I like to cook as well.

I plan a week ahead on what meals I am going to cook, and every Sunday I go to the grocery store and meal prep. It's probably my favorite routine. If I'm not cooking I'm watch cooking videos or cooking shows. I got my start with cooking through Tasty videos. Watching people cook is my own personal ASMR.

I recently purchased Hello Fresh to help me expand my cooking. I normally stick to Pinterest meals and my go to is a nice sheet pan because you can do it all at once and it's easy clean up. I like eating from different cultures and Hello Fresh will allow me to do so while being less intimadated that I'm doing it wrong.