Places I've been


Traveling consumes most of my day dreaming. I am always tracking flights I can't afford but one day will, and I am obsessed with Vacations by Marriot. It's actually the way I was able to travel to Amsterdam. I think my aspirations of travel is from moving around a lot.

I was born in Texas, soon after I moved to Oklahoma, then Pennylvania, Florida in 3 different cities, back to Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and finally back to Texas. Moving around has given me the opportunity to meet all different kinds of people. I hope to travel outside the US to begin seeing different cultures.

I have only been to Costa Rica and Amsterdam, but I hope once I achieve the means I can begin traveling to other countries more often. I hope to one day be able to say I've traveled all 7 continents, in the mean time I will be day dreaming of far away places.

In love with Amsterdam This was when I went to San Francisco on my 19th birthday. Amsterdam is the coolest place I've been This is in Amsterdam Yellow Stone National Park Weekend trip with my sister in LA

Places I want to go